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27 Jun

Apps and Tools to be More Productive

It seems like all of our lives are extremely busy, hectic, and full of stress; yet, we continue to live each day like the previous without changing a thing. There are tools and apps that we can use to help us better structure our time and days, so they can flow better with less stress and less unexpected surprises. Here are my top 3 suggestions of tools to use:
1. First and foremost, use your virtual assistant on your phone (Siri, OK google, etc.). When you are going through your day and you have a conversation with someone and you make plans together. Immediately use your assistant and set up the plans. If you meet a person and they are a prospective client, use your assistant and program their info onto your phone with a reminder to call this person on said day. If something comes into mind and you don’t want to forget it… you guessed it, USE THE ASSISTANT to remind you.
This tool is so far underutilized. According to an article written by Kif Leswing, at Business Insider, studies shows that “…Seventy percent of iPhone users say that they use Siri only sometimes or rarely…” and “…Android users are similar. Sixty-two percent say that they use OK Google only infrequently.”
2. Use a date book, calendar, or planner. Make sure to have some sort of planner, whether on your phone, tablet, or a physical planner where you are notating the things that you must do and your plans. The old saying “if you fail to plan, then plan to fail” is so very true. You cannot possibly remember everything. If your day, week, and month are all planned out ON THE SAME PLANNER, then chances are your days will be a lot smoother.
When you wake up in the morning, you will know exactly what needs to get done that day. I would take it a step further and encourage you to check your plans for the day the night before so that your mind is already calculating what needs to be done.
3. Just say NO! The power of NO. The majority of us that do a good job of planning still battle with this at times. You have a conversation with someone and they want to set up a meeting with you, lunch to catch up, etc. and the first thing that comes out is “yeah, sure. Let’s do it!” knowing very well that you probably have something going on around that time. We must use the TOOL that is saying “NO” to help to not overwhelm ourselves and stay more productive.
 In an article by Judith Sills Ph.D of Psychology Today, she states that “…NO is an instrument of integrity and a shield against exploitation.” ( )
A lot of times we take on more than we should and probably want to and the stress load also comes with it. But the reality is that we can help reduce that by just simply and kindly saying no. Obviously, a reschedule would also help. But the point is, say “NO” and try to set the meeting, lunch, etc. up on your planner.
posted by: Richard Trevino II
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