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Read Taming Turnover

This 50 page short read is packed with great insight for managers in really any industry on how to create a company culture where your people are enjoying their work and being more productive than ever.

Taming Turnover challenges managers, supervisors, and leaders in any capacity to find out how what they personally can do to take charge and lead their people to new heights like never before.

  • Short read with huge gold! I love quick and easy reads that you can bite into and devour for growth, both business and personal development growth! This book did it for me. I recommend anyone in any line of business or personal growth to pick up a copy of taming turnover and watch how simple techniques outlined in this book makes all the difference in the result you see! -S. Cross

  • Richard Trevino has had a huge impact on my business. Thanks to him, our company hit record high sales. In addition, Richard has helped me fine tune my leadership skills and speaking ability. He continues to give me guidance as I lead my 30 person company.

  • If you’re looking for the best and simple ways to build a culture of people who want to take massive action and get results, you need this book! – A.C.

  • This book is a “must read” for anyone who desires to take their leadership impact to the next level. If you want to build, coach, and retain a team of salespeople while developing them to reach a higher level of customer service, you need to read this book! Easy to read in one sitting, Richard takes the reader on a journey through real-life experiences that transforms your thinking to take action and put the necessary steps into place to keep your people passionate about reaching their goals. – R. Strom

    R. Strom
  • In the short time I’ve known Richard Trevino ( let me add I’ve yet to meet him in person) he has become a great influence in my life! If you are a business owner you need to read this book! Richard truly is an amazing example of what a leader should be, not only in the business world but in his church and his family! – J. Woods

    J. Woods