31 Aug

The #1 Choice You Can Make that Will Create Success

A STRONG MINDSET is necessary to your success in any area or aspect of your life and especially as a leader: whether in your relationships with others, business, health, spirituality, or journey of self mastery.
I’m not even specifying what type of mindset! Positive mindset, optimistic mindset, mindset of a champion, etc.
Whatever the mindset, you have to CHOOSE ONE and RUN!
Both openly and in private, people talk about others that are finicky and unable to make decisions. “He can’t even decide…” “She can’t make up her mind…”
“If they would only choose…”
Sound familiar?
People follow leaders that:
1.) Are self aware
2.) Have a clear direction
3.) Are convinced what they are doing is not only right, but they are providing VALUE to this world.
In whichever mindset that embodies you or the mindset that you want to guide your life, you must know that come hell or high water, you are set in this frame of mind and will not move from this. The main thing is, CHOOSE one. Dr. Stan Beecham, a sports psychologist, and director and founding member of the Leadership Resource Center in Atlanta, Georgia was interviewed concerning mindset and successful people in sports and business and he said:
“We know that it’s the mental game that counts, whether it’s sports or business. Because the mind is controlling the body. You have to think of the brain as the computer system, and you have to think of your belief system as your software.”
A strong mindset is saying these are my fundamentals, this is what I stand on, this is who I am, I believe in this so much that I will not allow any outside influences to sway me from my core beliefs… this state of mind will help me get through the good and bad moments.For instance, If you choose an OPTIMISTIC mindset, you understand that in ALL situations (good and seemingly bad) you must:
-train your mind to always think on the brighter side of things
-think that there is a bigger and better reason for it all
– believe that somehow THIS moment and situation is here for a purpose and reason for the betterment of my being.
The training of the mind is not the hard part. The HARD PART is deciding which strong mindset to have… deciding to take a stance and make a conscious and public declaration of what you believe. It was Napolean Hill that said:
“Those who reach decisions promptly and definitely, know what they want, and generally get it.”
So, decide what mindset you will adopt, and what principles will guide your life. The more that you apply them, the stronger they will become.
posted by: Richard Trevino II richard@richardtrevino2.com
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