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My name is Richard, and I am a college dropout turned 6 figure earner in the insurance industry. I also am a #1 Best Selling Author, speaker, writer and contributor for some major publications, and consultant for companies, helping them create a better working environment, company culture, and increased profits!


In my early career, I was awarded multiple Agent and Manager of the Year awards and produced and developed many managers and leading sales agents under my leadership and management. I now utilize my experience and success in business to help companies across all industries positively impact their people, their process and their profitability.


How did I make that shift from the financial world into speaking and consulting? It took me losing myself to find myself. I didn’t realize it, but I was lost. For the last 11 years I had worked long hours, killing myself, sacrificing my marriage, my health, my involvement in outreach in our community. I was at the peak of my career, making the most money that I had ever made, managing a group of powerhouse insurance professionals that I had developed and the office that I worked for 11 years was crumbling around us due to a very destructive upper management VP that was making changes.


My team and I were a leading team within our region and company and they made the decision to take my entire team away and place each member on other teams and gave me everyone that was either leaving or was on their way out. At that moment I realized, that none of this was ever MINE. Everything that I worked so hard to build was taken away from me in a moment’s time.


I had been struggling with massive back pain for the last few years and would just push through the pain and keep working. Well, it finally caught up with me. I ended up having to go out on disability and had to undergo a major back surgery, then a few months later a major hernia repair, multiple rounds of injections and nerve ablations. I struggled with moments of depression, questioning my purpose, what I had done with the last 11 years of my life, what I would do going forward, how could I put this before everything? My body and life both were falling apart… so it seemed.


What I didn’t realize was that everything was actually falling into place. I had always been on a journey of personal development and used it to coach, consult, and create great success within my teams. I joined an online course during my recuperating time (because I could hardly move) and began to broaden my horizons. I learned so much and one of my mentors began to speak life into me saying “You were made for more… You have so much talent… you’ve got a few books in you!”


At that moment I had an epiphany and I began to find myself again. I realized that I was given a do over, a second chance to do what I was created to do… help people.


Personally, I am a family man; a father to an amazing son (who we recently were able to adopt) and a husband of 11 years that devotes much of his time to helping others. Whether successful business people or homeless, struggling addicts, I find joy in helping people identify their inner strengths and utilize those strengths to change their lives. I invite you to connect with me on my Facebook page.


Each of my clients are unique, and I spend time listening to their challenges and situations to help identify the best strategies to reach their goals. I value each and every client and am passionate about helping them succeed. At every company that I speak, consult, or train for, I wear yellow shoes and a yellow pocket square. Many people ask me “What’s with all the YELLOW? Why do you wear yellow all the time?” Well, besides yellow being a branding color for me that is catchy and memorable, this is what it represents:


 “Yellow, the color of sunshine, hope, and happiness, has conflicting associations. On one hand yellow stands for freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, and joy, but on the other, it represents cowardice and deceit.” ( )


The vast majority of the description of the color YELLOW is wonderful and powerful, but the last two words are very disheartening. If you notice, however, there were far more good things it represents than bad. Because I am a coach and consultant in the personal development arena, I understand that people are trying to become better overall, whether in business or personally. We all have a couple of things in us that we are always working on or working through; but we by far, as the color yellow, are more good than bad.
This is what the yellow represents: personal-development at its finest. Being true to one’s self knowing we are always growing and developing into the greatest us we can be. This is why I created this brand, this site, and this platform: to help people develop into the best versions of themselves. To know that in spite of our few flaws, we are still powerful beings capable of great things.


Philosophy I live by:

“I didn’t think I could, until I began to think I could.” Mindset is everything. I love to blend logic with spirituality.


I look forward to connecting with you. Contact me today at 361-537-8080 to schedule!